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Wolf by MeggieGal Wolf :iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
I Carry On
I Carry On
(Intro/verse 1)
Take your chances
Jump off that cliff
Hope that love grows strong
Like it did with me.
I'm still here
But it's not always clear
What I am waiting for
Am I waiting for you
For something to good to be true
Or am I waiting to heal?
I'm shattered
Picking up the pieces
That you left
Behind you
As you walked out that door
And down that road
I saw that our paths differed
Leaving me to go alone
But I,
I will grow strong,
though I give into pain.
I carry on,
I will survive
and see another day.
(verse 2)
Though my heart,
Once it was yours
Now it is shorn
And stands alone
I walk my path alone
The help of my friends
Who all understand
I will bear my load.
Though the road, road may be long,
I will grow strong
Though I give into pain
I carry on
I will survive
And see another day
Another day...
Another day...
Another day...
I carry on.
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
Showers by MeggieGal Showers :iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 3 Light at the end of the Tunnel by MeggieGal Light at the end of the Tunnel :iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 3
new places
strange faces
where do I fit in
will I be in the crowd
or on the outside looking in?
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 10
Friendship's Rejection
an outstretched hand,
a smile of welcome
with the hope of a new friend made
a brush off is had
the hope wiped clear
short answers
small smiles
no encouragement
what was done
was I not good enough
do you think I'm crazy
not worthy of your time
all I wanted was a friend
someone to whom I could lend a hand
time and time I tried again
to gain acceptance
only to be turned away
a puzzle has arisen
what do you have
that makes me come back
for this cruel punishment
your smile
your laugh
I do not know
but I wish I was not under your power
I could be free
to fly away
seek a friend, another place
but my shackles hold me tight
I am a falcon
trained to fly
but come back
when the day is over.
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
when I wake up in the morning
your arms surrounding
I feel the warmth of you
as if we are not two
but one
you kiss my hair
I wonder where
I found a guy
that makes me sigh
in contentment
you walk outside
and I could cry
the room is cold
as you are sold
gone to another bidder
no late night cuddle
I have to muddle
through the fog of another day
and I while the time away
watching stupid soap operas
your christmas present
a half moon crescent
sits under the tree
to you from me
in case you come back
love is painful
love is kind
that's what they said
but if love is kind
then why did you leave?
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
Told you can try
but that you will fail
that you can never
do as well as others
but you're angry
you want to fly
not fall from a nest
to your death
so you flap your wings
build up your strength
until you feel ready
to try again
you hop to the edge
and don't look down
you flap your wings
a couple times
get up your nerve
and start to try
will you fall
or will you fly?
it is up to you to decide.
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
A Love Unfound 5
February 6, 2000
My search has spanned the entirety of the races. I have searched the whole world, every nook, every shadow, every pocket of civilization. I have made circuits around the globe, gone north to south, east to west, large land mass to islands. She is nowhere. I begin to despair. Am I meant to remain alone? God knows that I am monster enough to deserve this fate.
The things I have done to preserve my race have not been pretty. I am called prince, but underneath the exterior lies a cold, hard man. I do what I must. I do not have to like it, killing those who pose a threat, or have already caused harm, to my race, but someone must do it, and the responsibility has fallen on my shoulders.
This job has fallen upon my shoulders as it did on my fathers when he was prince, and I will continue to do so until I take his place.
I have learned all I needed, made my own connections to the leaders of the various races. All that is left for me to do is find my mate, the one destined to b
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
A Love Unfound 4
July 30, 1973
It is time to return to Court for awhile, and return I have. As always, the newest of the Court females have been flaunted in front of me in the hopes that perhaps one of them will be the lucky ones.
I hope not. I don't think I could deal with a woman who constantly needs frippery and useless things.  
The Renswark and his mate are coming tomorrow for a visit with Mother and Father. I am happy to report, even if it is only to a blank piece of paper, that the alliance between the shape shifters and the Fae remains strong.
Perhaps I shall return with Damien and Elaine, who is in fact one of our own, and make rounds through the packs. She could be anywhere.
I wonder: what could I give the love of my life as a Courting gift? I personally believe that it all depends on her personality.
So I shall wait, and search, as I have been doing for the past five hundred years.
Darrien Russav
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
A Love Unfound 3
August 1, 1954
Another war has erupted between the humans, though there always seems to be one or another going on. What a folly it is, to waste lives so needlessly. They know not how fortunate they are, that their population continues to swell. My race's, as well as the others', continues to grow, albeit slowly. We treasure our people, and do not engage in such idiocy as wars over minor details. They ravage, the land, and we all hear it crying out as holes are torn into its side. The humans do not realize what a precious commodity they are using- if they did, they would treasure it also.
I have relocated from America to China, needing a change of scenery. The Chinese were always ahead of the curve of the other humans anyways.
Mayhap my love is here- I will search through the country.
Darrien Russav
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
A Love Unfound 2
March 27, 1910
I have established a business in the U.S. One of the Court prophets has foreseen a hard time ahead for the country, and I am striving to do my best for the people. What I have done is establish a business catering to the general populations' needs for little to no price, depending on their income. As I have amassed a personal fortune, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, I see no reason not to help those with less than me for no great margin of profit.
Mayhap I will meet my cara mia, my dear one, here, in a world of constant change.
It would be a turn of fortune for me, like my help would be a turn of fortune for those in need.
Darrien Russav
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0
A Love Unfound
Januare 18, 1878
        I grow weary. Between enforcing my parents' wills and searching for my ensk'ali, I have little time for rest. But I am determined. One day, it will all pay off, and I will have someone to call my own and guide me through times of darkness. I won't have to lean on my own strength anymore: she will strengthen me and we will become one, joined together. I long for that moment.
         My search has extended to Africa. I have no care for body color or for race, as I know that whatever the type, whatever the appearance, she will be perfect for me.
Darrien Russav
:iconmeggiegal:MeggieGal 0 0


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